How to Play Roller Derby

Things You’ll Need

Helmet, wrist pads, knee pads, elbow pads, and mouth guard. You can get most all these at any skateboarding or sports store. Some suggest ProTec, 187 or Triple 8, but a starter set of Rollerblade brand pads will be good enough to get you started. Just know eventually you will have to upgrade.

Skates (duh). Must be quad skates. Many suggest the low cut ones (high tops can be too restrictive. Vegans, close your ears, because you’re going to want leather boots. Cloth will not be sufficient and your feet will burn up in any sort of non-leather replacement. You can order shoes online, but go to your local pro-shop and try on a few pairs. Ask girls in your league if you can try on theirs. nothing kills more than a bad fit.

Attitude and Dedication. Most leagues are going to ask you to do more than pay your dues and show up for practice. There will be charity work, there will be non-bouting league events, and meetings.

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